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About LucentJobs:

LucentJobs is online job portal for job seekers in India. LucentJobs was started with a mission to transform the education to career. LucentJobs enables companies across India to hire Fresh talents through posting of jobs/internship in LucentJobs, posting their latest Walk-in's & off-campus drive's in LucentJobs.

LucentJobs Services to Employers/Institutes:

Free Job Posting

Most corporates are using their expensive Naukri/Monster accounts to hire fresher's also. It costs 1650 INR to post an Insta Job in Naukri and of course Premium Jobs Posting costs much more.

We believe Naukri/Monster type accounts must be used exclusively for lateral hiring considering their expensive nature. Only then it justifies ROI. But then how else do we hire fresher's as efficiently as prominent Job Portal with ZERO COST.

Introducing, a 100% FREE Job Portal for Fresher Hiring. With over 5 lac impressions/page views in the last 6 months, we are India's Fastest growing Job Portal.

End to End Recruitment

Our Expert Consultants will personally interact with you to understand your requirement, suggest customized solutions and ensure that your hiring needs are promptly met. We will not only Source Candidates from across India (0 to 2 years' experience) matching your criteria but also a Right Fit for your organization.

Pre Assessed candidates

We can offer you online access to an exhaustive base of Pre-assessed and Experienced (up to 4 years) candidates based on your requirement of skill-sets and domain knowledge.

Technology Trained/Certified candidates

Employing technology certified candidates who are Industry-Ready helps you save training cost, makes hiring process quicker and ensures immediate employee output. We have engagement with over 5000 Training Institutes across India; we will be able to identify the right talent who are certified in Technology Specified Domains based on your requirements.

Job Fair

With over 1000 Campus Connect, we will reach out to your target campuses across India to identify quality candidates from them. Our campus Recruitment Team would Identify Locations and Organize Drives to pool in candidates from Multiple Colleges to a Common Venue so that we deliver you the best talent.


With over 300 candidates graduating in each campus in India, it has become a necessity to interview candidates of the right caliber. We can help you screen these candidates for interview by assessing them on Aptitude, Technical Finesse and Soft Skills.

Move to computer based testing from Paper Pen...!!

Internship Program

Through our campus connections we help you connect with students desiring internships. Students get a chance to work on your projects & based on their performance you can engage them accordingly.

Assessment Solution

Assessments Made Easy On Our Platform! We facilitate the campus placements by assessing candidates for the skills required for the job and achieve success in your campus hiring. A Ready pool of 15,000+ questions!

Online/Offline Assessments

Our team can conduct both paper-pen based test as well as computer based. We have a ready pool of question papers prepared by experts. Our online test platform is both reliable and secure.

We have nodal centers India that enables to conduct the assessments 24*7 anywhere, anytime! In addition, we have freelancers across India for supporting the assessment services.

Aptitude & Technical domains

We can also facilitate/administer your company specific assessment or written test on our platform. Our platform has automated invigilation system with online proctoring and high security.

Coding Contests

It helps you assess a candidate's ability, speed and sharpness in code cracking!
Coding programs formulated by industry experts with 5+ years of experience. Make your candidates write a code and give them a score on real time basis.

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